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Helping BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other historically marginalized leaders embolden their voice, increase their influence, and empower one another to create impact at scale.

Let’s get together and MAKE GOOD CHANGE.


At Trailblazing in Color, we’re focused on supporting those who are paving the way and lifting while they climb.

We’re guided by a mission to help historically underrepresented leaders thrive in and change the systems that were not designed by them or for them.

Coaching, peer advisory, and community for trailblazers everywhere.

We help intersectional social impact leaders increase influence, revitalize self-alignment, and scale social impact.


We need each other.

We see you.

You're learning and unlearning...daily.

You’re fed up with policies aimed at keeping your communities accommodating and voiceless.

You’re actively fighting against the systems built on intentional inequity.

You’re overwhelmed, lonely, and exhausted.

You know that paving the way is not for the faint at heart.

And yet…you’re committed to creating a better world than those that came before you for those that come after you.

It’s time to harness your power.

And, more importantly, it’s time to invest in and take care of the energy that that requires.

We know because we’ve been there.

(Sometimes we are there.)

And we know what’s on the other side: LIBERATION.

We deserve nothing less.

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Hello! I’m Sarah Chapman Bacerra (she/her/hers)

After more than a decade in culture transformation and people development, I started Trailblazing in Color because I am preceded and surrounded by trailblazers: assumed underdogs succeeding beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, including—sometimes—their own.

We can amplify this power.



For the past decade, I have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading organizations through leadership program development, workshop facilitation, strategic planning, coaching, and culture design.

Now, Trailblazing in Color is fixated on going beyond traditional, superficial means, and laser-focused on the intentional architecture of cultures, systems, and people that move us towards achieving pay equity, gender parity, and racial justice.

As a mixed Black queer leader, activist, daughter, sister, mother, and friend, I am deeply connected to these efforts. If you're here, I already know you are, too.

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s get together and MAKE GOOD CHANGE.


Past clients and collaborators include:

Our Core Values

Self-connection: The freedom to discover and express ourselves in ways that are authentic and honor the fullness of our identities and experiences.
Tradition: The freedom to infuse tradition, customs, and heritage into the spaces we occupy–and be met with curiosity and inquiry.
Joy: The freedom to experience joy, revel in it, and source as much as we can.
Future Generations: Our anchor and our purpose. It’s because of our ancestors that we’ve made it this far. And it's because of our collective descendants that we keep going. We're making them all proud.

How we can help

Coaching for Trailblazers

Assertive, confidence, and clarity coaching for committed visionaries and changemakers

You’re used to making sure everyone else is taken care of first and only then are your needs centered. But that’s no longer serving you. You recognize that the impact you wish to make is going to take the highest and best version of YOU. And the world cannot afford for you to wait. 

If you’re ready to build the courage to unapologetically choose YOU and your dreams, let’s talk. Because you cannot serve others if you’re not fueled and cared for yourself.

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Trailblazers Collective

Ready to build your network of changemakers and activate with intention? The Trailblazers Collective is a confidential peer advisory forum focused on personal and professional growth, connection, and community-building.

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What others are saying...

“Sarah is extraordinarily knowledgeable, has a wealth of talent and skills in the areas of DE&I, EI and OD, and truly understands the needs and complexities of the C-Suite in large companies as well as startups and nonprofits. She has served our clients expertly, with grace and calmness. She’s as good as a coach as she is as a trainer and consultant. I can’t recommend Sarah Bacerra highly enough.”

— Gregg Ward, Founder/Executive Director, The Center for Respectful Leadership

Working with Trailblazing in Color for our virtual strategic planning was an incredible process. Sarah's work to prepare us was above and beyond. Sarah developed the questions to get the responses we needed. She was flexible with our needs to do things a little differently. Sarah made [the session] engaging, interactive and uplifting for everyone.

— Christiana Tasto, Executive Director, Nonprofit Solutions

“Sarah provided excellent support to our senior leadership team as we worked (virtually) to better define what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mean to each of us individually as well as a Board of Directors. With limited time, Sarah was able to kick-start discussions with solid ground rules to create a safe environment to discuss our different perspectives and provide a flexible roadmap and tools for how we can continue to maintain our focus despite all the other challenges [2020] brought.”

— Nori Shoji, Division Director, NOAA

“[Sarah’s] abilities as a connector and cultivator of conversation are top-notch!”

 Maresa Friedman,  Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

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